Vineyard guidelines


One of the biggest challenges in viniculture is fungal deceases, such as eutypa dieback. The lack of an approved line of anti-fungal-action products leaves farmers with one solution: precautionary procedures are the only way to stop the outbreak.


  1. Prune late in the dormant season (late winter or early spring) and only during dry weather (strong winds and rainfall help the disease to spread).
  2. Prune the infected stumps last. Cut them out with consecutive cuts until no darkened canker tissue remains and a healthy surface appears. Dead wood should be burned immediately.
  3. Large cuts should be avoided since they increase the possibility of stump infection. Though, if necessary, the process should take place in late winter or early spring. Afterwards, spray the cuts with a healing formula.
  4. Tool disinfection is necessary after the process. Select ethanol or chorine solutions (10%).
  5.  Right after prune, spray the stumps carefully. Select an approved formula that contains copper.

 Source: Regional Centre for the Protection of Plants and Quality Control. Kavala, Greece.

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