Protofanousi is the largest Greek cherry exporter, annually distributing more than 7,000 tons. Its main markets are Great Britain, Italy, Baltic countries, The Netherlands and Germany, and the company has recently extended its reach to countries in Southeast Asia.

The production comes from Pella and is fully certified by GlobalGAP The fruit is first brought to a refrigerated storage facility maintained by the company in Kerasia, Pella, in the center of a region where the cherry is the main crop and cherry orchards extend into the foothills of the Northern [Voras] Mountains to an altitude of 1,100 meters.

The cherries go through a precooling process with a special hydro cooler at the same facility. Packing takes place the next morning at the Protofanousi processing center at Ionia in Thessaloniki. A sophisticated electronic calibrator ensures accurate sorting on the basis of size and color.

Continuous monitoring of the cherry orchards and harvesting at the appropriate stage of ripeness, in conjunction with maintaining the "cold chain”, contributes to consistently high fruit quality. The quality and excellent taste of the fruit are also due to the fact that much of the land where the cherries are grown is quite dry. The main varieties in an order based on harvesting date are as follows: Satin, Samba, Larian, Crystalina, Georgia, Early Star, Grey Star, Black Star, Big Star, Lapins, Bakirtzeika (Greek variety), Ferovia, Germensdorfer, Skenna, Regina, Kordia, Sweet Heart.

Protofanousi cherries are packed as follows:

DescriptionNet WeightDimensionsCases/Pallet 100x120 cm
Carton 5kg5kg40x30x12150
Carton 2.5kg (Pituffo)2.5kg30x20x12256
Carton 10x500g5kg60x40x10115
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Not Cultivated
Harvest month is designated by different color.
Preservation tips for customer:

Cherries may be kept in the refrigerator for 3-5 days in a plastic bag and should be washed before consumption. Avoid washing earlier, and allow the cherries time at room temperature before serving for best flavor.

Harvest 2019

2019 was finally a proper Greek Cherry season after the challenges Greek Chery production faced due to extreme weather phenomena for two consecutive years. While rain was not absent from the season it has not caused serious issues, allowing for our company to deliver fresh Cherries for more than two full months! PROTO upgraded its' already modern cherries sorter thus increasing its' hourly capacity. The company handled more than 7.000 tons of Cherries out of which more than 5.500 tons were delivered to customers across Europe, while the rest were delivered to local destinations.

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