Cherry season review


The 2017 season has proven to be the most challenging yet in over 15 years, quality-wise. A late frost hit at the end of April, heavy rains that were followed by a heatwave and high temperatures right after, made 2017 a season to remember as the most difficult for cherries.

Luckily, 2018 seems to be more lenient towards this delicate fruit, since winter has granted enough hours of low temperatures without being extremely harsh, and sunlight was present without extensive rainfall. If the weather phenomena keep within their normal range for the end of spring and summer, the quantity and quality this year are expected to be significantly improved in comparison to the previous season.

The early varieties are expected to be harvested around the 25th of May. On week 21, PROTO expects to load 2 trucks per day and for the following week Packing will increase το 4 trucks per day. Larian, Crystalina, Georgia and the Star varieties including Early, Grey and Black are expected to be packed during these weeks with Georgia probably going up to week 25.

Weeks 24 through 27 are the peak of the PROTO Cherries’ season, meaning 6 to 8 trucks will be ready to be shipped on a daily basis. The mid to late varieties make their appearance for the season with Ferrovia, Germensdorfer, Bakirtzeika (Greek variety), Lapins, Skeena and Regina. The latter two may go up to week 30, along with Sweet Heart and Kordia which are our late varieties. In more detail, week 28 will drop to 2 to 3 trucks while the end of season is expected somewhere between week 29 and 30 during which PROTO will pack 1 truck per day.



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