Cherry season review: the facts


For those of us in the Cherry business, either grower, packer or buyer, it is common knowledge that each cherry season is unique. Whether it is prices, availability, quantities or quality, no season matches an older one nor it can be accurately predicted.

The main reason for the inability to make accurate predictions is that Cherries are grown and harvested day after day. It takes nothing more than a 3 hour long rainstorm or a 3 minute long hail to destroy a few hundred tons of what was until then excellent cherries!

PROTO’s road to success

The 2017 season was one of the worst for the Greek Cherry production due to the constant and sudden heavy weather changes. For Proto the 2018 season however can be characterized so far as normal quality wise, but the quantities have increased significantly.

The fact that the overall production was higher and that PROTO is looking to increase its annual quantities by expanding the collaborating growers has led to the packing process having begun 1 week earlier than usual, on May 20th.

The early varieties packed were mainly Larian, Crystalina and Georgia amongst others.

By May 29th, our precooling facilities were receiving more than 80 tons per day. Unfortunately, the heavy load on the trees along with sporadic rainfall caused softness and bladdery fruit for the weaker Larian variety. Crystalina proved to be stronger with less quality issues.

Our 2017 20-lines Cherry Vision 2 Unitec sorter managed to sort out defected fruitt and still pack the total of the daily harvested quantities and is currently running at more than 90 tons/day with the average size being 24+mm and 26+mm with varieties such as Ferrovia, Germensdorfer and the Greek Bakirtzeika.

Global customers

Our customers in Finland, The Netherlands, Germany and The UK among other countries receive bulk and punnets packaging and if the weather keeps up, we will be able to harvest and process 130 tons daily up until early July.

It will be another 20 to 25 days before the last Cherry is packed for our customers with the daily quantities being about 60-70 tons of harvested fruit.

There is still a long way to go for the Proto Cherry season so make sure you keep in touch to find out about availability and prices!

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