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Business today is characterized by relentless change. To stay competitive, companies must continually grow and evolve. Choosing the correct approach to adaptation and growth can be difficult and as a result, many companies either believe that only one way of growth exists and stick to it or they try to evolve in contexts that are not really effective.

The PROTO way

PROTO differentiates itself from the competition not only by supplying high quality at increasing quantities annually, but also by maintaining a direct and friendly approach to its customers.

For PROTO, it is vital for customers to have direct and immediate access to the goods that they are planning or already have purchased. For this reason, PROTO will be launching an e-Commerce platform with truly exciting potential, where existing or potential customers will have access to a series of important information for their fruit.

e-Commerce platform

All available products will be presented with up-to-date photographs along with various information like availability and current price.

  • The customers will have their personalized menu where they will be able to see their orders either completed, delivered or en route to them.
  • When a customer is interested in any of the fruit presented, they will have the ability to immediately place an order with the requested quantity and quality at the displayed price.
  • Customers will have access to the traceability of their products – will be able to find the growers who produced the product that they received.
  • The customers will have access to the quality checks performed by the QC team during packing. This means that an accurate image of the actual quality will be available to the customers!

PROTO being the leader of Greek kiwis and Cherries and a rising force in Table Grapes takes one more step forward and provides existing and potential customers with an extremely useful tool. PROTO believes in a close seller-buyer relationship and wants to provide a personalized experience to its customers.

For those that want immediate access to the new platform, please contact us at despina@proto.gr

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