Final shipment of kiwis: PROTO surpassed its goal of packing!


Investing in high quality always brings successful results. Even though northern hemisphere kiwi season has ended for most suppliers by the beginning of March, Proto packed its’ final shipment of kiwis on May 17th.  This means that not only we managed to run a longer season than most, but also we succeeded in surpassing our goal of packing more than 13.000 tons of kiwi fruit!

The PROTO 2016-2017 kiwi season in numbers:

  • 13.331.823 kg of kiwi fruit sold
  • 1.570.482 carton boxes shipped
  • 31 different destination countries
  • 7.280 in-house quality checks
  • 21.840 kiwis checked in-house for quality

Next season forecast

It may be too early to estimate the coming crops’ quantities, but at the moment it seems the next season will be similar quantity-wise to the one that just ended. Until the next kiwi season, check out what is up with the PROTO cherries

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