Grapes: a forecast


PROTO has been in the Table Grapes market for quite a few seasons, increasing its quantities year after year. While we have been handling more than 600 tons for the previous two seasons, September 2018 seems to be more promising for the company’s table grapes both quantity and quality alike. The upcoming season seems to be early this year, with the first grapes expected for harvest at late August instead of the usual first ten days of September. An additional 300-350 tons are expected to be harvested and by taking into consideration that no serious quality issues have arisen such as fungal infections, the class 1 percentage is expected to be higher than usual. The berries seem to have a high average size, achieving a uniform bunch shape and with the overall season starting early, the Crimson Red color will be present and as bright as ever! We will of course have availability of the Thomson White seedless variety, in mix colored punnets and loose packaging! This will also be the first season for the new ARRA varieties, as the very first ARRA 15, a white seedless variety and the black seedless ARRA 32 will be made available by our company at small quantities. 

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