Greek cherry season 2019


The 2019 Greek cherry season is expected to begin as usual -during the last days of May. Yet, PROTO has already begun all necessary preparations to receive the much-loved red and black fruit!

During the 2018 season the company established fruit-specific meetings between company staff and collaborating growers, in order to discuss the challenges, necessary changes and the steps forward that need to be taken for the Greek production to remain competitive in the global markets. For the 2019 Cherry season, the annual meeting was held on March 22nd near our cherries’ facility in Kerasia, where we got the chance to meet with local growers and inform them on the necessity of following all guidelines issued by collaborating agronomists regarding: sprays of active ingredients, to keep the residues detected to a minimum and of course stay within the EU and customers regulations. At the same time, a wide maintenance as well as an upgrade of our 2017 sorter is running, preparing all company machinery, hardware and software for the upcoming season, to ensure an uninterrupted flow of the much sensitive fruit that cherry is to our customers.

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