Kiwi forecast


For the past three to four years, there has been a heated discussion between growers, suppliers and customers regarding the European Kiwifruit production. Italy and Greece, being the main European Kiwifruit producing countries have been in the center of these discussions, with projections starting as early as July for the overall Italian and Greek kiwifruit availability.

For the 2018-2019 Greek season, it seems that while the yield per hectare will be lower in comparison to the last in all four main producing regions (Larisa, Arta, Kavala and Pieria), the overall quantities will most likely remain the same. Since 2014 and on new Kiwifruit trees have been planted and their production is expected to start during the upcoming season, thus increasing the quantities available.

The fruit seem to be of good quality with a larger than last year’s average size and a good shape.

From this season forward, PROTO is organizing meetings and seminars for all interested growers, not only to update them on the global markets standards and demands but also show them the correct cultivation techniques so as to achieve higher quality for their fruit. The response has been overwhelming and encouraging for PROTO to keep up this new effort.

At PROTO we aim for this season to handle approximately 15.000 tons of kiwifruit, the same quantity as last season. As October draws near, more information will be available on the  delicious Greek Kiwifruit at www.proto.gr

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