New grape varieties


Table Grapes are an important commodity for growers, packers and customers alike. There have been many efforts over the years by all interested parties involved in the supply chain, to produce, pack and sell table grapes of bigger sizes and high quality while extending the availability period up until late December for the European market. PROTO, after achieving being the biggest Greek kiwifruit and Greek Cherries’ supplier for many years, has been involved with Table Grapes and growing with a slow but steady pace. 

To that end, the company along with its growers has invested in new varieties, in order to do what it does best: to supply the European markets with high quality fresh fruit. 

The selected varieties

The varieties that are added to the Crimson and Thomson line up are IFG’s Sweet Globe, Sugar Crisp, Jack’s Salute and Sweet Celebration, Grapa’s ARRA 15, 19, 28 and 32 and finally Biofrutales’s INIAGRAPE-ONE. 

-Sweet Globe is a crunchy white seedless variety with thin skin and low acidity. While being a mid-season variety, it can store up to 90 days while maintaining the fresh green stalk color.

-Sugar Crisp is also seedless and white and has all of the above characteristics but differs to the ripening period, being an extremely late variety.

-Sweet Celebration is seedless red, mid to late variety. The berries are really tasteful and crunchy with an oval instead of an elongated shape and while the berry size is not extreme, it has a very high yield per hectare. Not only it is easy for the growers to achieve the strong red color, but it is an easy variety to grow overall.

-Jack’s Salute is also red but is harvested later than Sweet Celebration. The berries are elongated, large sized with a crunchy taste and strong storage capabilities. 

When it comes to the ARRA varieties, ARRA 15 is big sized white seedless, with crunchy berries and a unique durability to heavy rainfall. ARRA 19 and ARRA 28 fall under the seedless red category and neither requires the use of Ethrel for achieving the bright red color that distinguishes them. ARRA 32 is late, seedless like the rest but has a dark black skin instead of red, very big berries and an excellent shelf life. 

INIAGRAPE-ONE is also black skinned by is mid to late, with an excellent appearance, taste and endures all post-harvest handling.

 PROTO has chosen mid to late and late varieties that will help our customers enjoy table grapes availability for a longer period, while maintaining good shelf life and thus placing on the market big sized, colorful and tasty grapes!

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