PROTO sponsors “Cherry 2016”


PROTO’s philosophy embraces all actions that promote the evolution of the fruit field. This is why we are proud sponsors of “Cherry 2016” convention which will take place in the city of Naoussa, April 4-8.

The convention titled “The sustainable production of high quality cherries for the European market”, will emphasize on the future of cherry’s cultivation, while other subjects will also be analyzed, such as: the genetic materials and the cultivation methods, as well as matters of maintenance, packaging and the distribution of cherries.

“Cherry 2016” which is being organized by the University of Thessaly, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Technological University of Cyprus, in Naoussa city -the heart of the Greek cherry production- has confirmed the participation of more than 100 researchers, from 35 European countries as well as professionals from Asia, America and Oceania.

Info: Cherry 2016, Documentation Center of the Industrial Heritage "Christos Lanaras", ERIA, in Naoussa, April 4-8.


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