Shipment of early kiwis


After our successful trip to Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong, PROTO fruits returned to prepare shipments of early Kiwis. Since the Greek Hayward production will be ready for harvest by the end of October, we now have a more precise estimate of the Greek overall Hayward production, which is expected to surpass last year reaching 180.000 to 190.000 tons.

Steady supply

The PROTO field agronomists are on alert, roaming our Kiwis orchards and believe that the average size will be a bit smaller than last season. What is important though is that PROTO -like last season and the season before- will be able to supply its new and existing customers with Greek Hayward Kiwifruit from the very beginning of the season in late October up until May 2018. With Italian kiwi production looking to face a significant drop in quantities, the PROTO kiwis steady supply will help our partners provide high quality kiwis to their customers with a steady flow up until the end of the European Kiwis season.

Another chance to meet

For those that are or will be in Madrid, drop by our booth in the Fruit Attraction exhibition located at Pavillion (Hall) 10 - Stand C09 to meet with us and discuss all about the changes in the sizes and quantities produced in Europe for the upcoming Kiwis and plan out the 2018 Cherries’ season!

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