A successful harvest: more than 13.000 tons of delicious kiwis!


It is well known that regardless of the commodity traded, price is heavily depended on supply and demand. The fruit business is no exception and with the Greek kiwifruit production being one of the most important worldwide, the annual production of Greek farms is of huge interest to everyone involved in the global kiwifruit trade.

The great numbers

About a week later than last year, by November 17th more than 90% of the total quantities for the season will be harvested. Protofanousi Fruits SA is happy to announce that once again will lead the Greek Kiwi fruit availability, surpassing 13.000 tons of fresh, tasty Greek kiwi fruit! The country’s total volume for the season seems to have dropped by approximately 20% in comparison to last year. While the drop is significant, Protofanousi Fruits SA managed to obtain the quantity targeted for the season.

The storage facilities

The freshly harvested kiwi fruit are stored at the Nea Efessos cooling rooms facility, which is located at the feet of Mount Olympus, a perfect location away from the city's polluted atmosphere. With the company maintaining its' investments momentum, the facility has been expanded and can now store the total of the kiwi fruit the company handles. The warehouse organizing has been completely restructured and a new quality checks laboratory with new equipment has been set up on site to test the fruit not only during harvest but also throughout the season. A new warehouse management system has been implemented across all company functions and procedures, allowing for extremely detailed traceability of every box that is sent to our customers.

The happy result

While the overall quantity may be lower than the previous season, the size and shape seem to have improved. More importantly, with the PROTO fields’ technical team trying their best in collaboration with our growers, the fruit have picked up on dry matter thus exceeding the 16.5% mark for more than 75% of the fruit harvested!

PROTO can supply to your customers the best tasting Greek kiwifruit up until late May 2019. Please contact us for availability and prices.

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