Table grapes: the update


Table grapes has become one of the most desired fruit in European and overseas markets throughout the year. Retailers, having realized the potential and following the increasing customer demand, try to provide large sized grapes that have a high sugar to acidity ratio, firm skin and crunchy flesh and all that in a desirable packaging that contains enough quantity for a pleasurable experience while easy to carry.

PROTO fruits, being able to provide all of the above, has been preparing table grapes for its customers since mid September. Due to the Crimson variety sizes produced not meeting the PROTO specifications, the quantities harvested have been a little lower than expected. However, with September being dry, PROTO grapes are of great quality without splits and bruises, while color varies only slightly from light to dark red, without many dichromate berries. Our customers in the UK, Scandinavia, The Netherlands and Germany will keep receiving a steady supply of PROTO table grapes for the weeks to come.

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