Visit from Chinese representatives


It was Saturday, May 25th when PROTO turned on its 20-line Unitec Cherries sorter for 2019. 68 days and 6500 tons later, the PROTO Cherry season ended with these two months not only being record braking quantity wise for the company, but also for the progress in customer relations, export capabilities and a look into the future of Greek Cherries!


New relations with China

Greece is already shipping kiwi fruit to the People’s Republic of China. After discussions between the Greek Ministry of Agriculture and the respective Chinese office, three Chinese officials visited Greece in late June to assess the possibility of establishing a protocol for Greek Cherries exports to China with PROTO being one of the main hosts of this formal visit.


The visit to our farms

The Chinese representatives visited our grower’s farms in the main Cherry production region, where they witnessed all procedures from harvest, to hydrocooling to packing and shipping. Potential dangers such as quarantine insects were assessed and with the help from Greek officials, a draft of the Cherries Export Protocol was created. It is believed by both the Greek and Chinese governments that Cherries exports to China could begin as early as next season!

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